Pastor. Azad Barwari

Pastor. Azad Barwari KCCUSA December 1, 2023
Pastor Azad Barwari

Azad Barwari, born in Iraq – Kurdistan, holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature. Originally a Kurdish nationalist, his perspective shifted when he encountered the New Testament in Arabic during Ramadan 2000. Intrigued by Jesus’ authoritative teachings, Azad embraced Christianity, leading to threats and persecution in Iraq.

Fleeing to Lebanon for safety, Azad faced imprisonment as an illegal immigrant. However, his time in prison became transformative as he found faith in Christ and learned forgiveness. Released and moved by his newfound purpose, Azad established the first Kurdish church in Beirut in 2006, becoming the world’s first ordained Kurdish pastor.

In 2009, granted refugee status, he moved to the U.S., where he initiated the “Voice of Evangelism” TV show in Atlanta. Collaborating with Magnolia Baptist Church, Azad reached out to Arabic-speaking Muslims and planted a church in 2017. His efforts expanded to San Diego County, targeting the Kurdish community. Hosting outreach events and establishing the first Kurdish center in El Cajon in 2019, Azad founded the non-profit Kurdish Christian Church, impacting lives with the love and truth of Christ

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