Our Process

Our Process
Our Ministry Methods

Gain insights into our multifaceted approach to ministry, encompassing community services, relational connections, and spiritual growth initiatives.

KCC Outreach Programs

Explore the various outreach programs we've initiated, from language courses to cultural celebrations, aiming to bridge gaps and meet the unique needs of the Kurdish community.

Supporting Our Vision

Discover the crucial needs for our ministry to thrive, including a permanent church building, transportation solutions, and a dedicated volunteer team. Your support is integral to our mission.

Building Relationships:

  • Home Visits: We believe in the power of personal connection. Through home visits, we create a family atmosphere, forming bonds that extend beyond the church walls.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Participating in Kurdish holidays like Eid Norouz, we celebrate together, fostering unity and cultural appreciation.
  • Support for the Ill and Needy: From distributing food and clothing to providing mental health referrals, we extend the love of Christ to meet practical needs.

Spiritual Growth Initiatives:

  • Worship Services: Weekly gatherings for worship, where the community comes together to praise and connect with God.
  • Discipleship Lessons: Preparing discipleship lessons in Kurdish, equipping believers with a deep understanding of the Christian faith.
  • Women’s Gatherings: Creating a safe space for Kurdish and Arab Christian women to discuss the Bible and address issues unique to their experiences.
  • Education for Leaders: Offering Bible-based education to ministers and leaders, empowering them to build spiritual strength and support the Great Commission.

Our Holistic Ministry Approach:

  • At Kurdish Christian Church, our ministry approach is holistic, touching lives on multiple levels. We integrate community services, relational connections, and spiritual growth initiatives to create a comprehensive impact.

Community Services:

  • Kurdish Language Class: Empowering the community through language education, fostering communication and understanding.
  • Citizenship Assistance: Providing guidance through the often complex process of obtaining citizenship, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Travel and Visa Support: Assisting with travel plans and visas, easing the challenges faced by individuals navigating immigration.

Empowering the Youth:

  • Discovering Talents: Creating opportunities for young people to explore and discover their talents, fostering a sense of purpose and contribution.
  • Leadership Training: Forming ministers and leaders across various fields, shaping the future of our church and community.
  • Spiritual and Physical Care: Balancing spiritual growth with attention to physical needs, inspired by the example of Jesus feeding the five-thousand and healing the sick.

Evangelism and Outreach:

  • Special Teams for Evangelism: Establishing dedicated teams to reach out to Kurds and Muslims alike, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding.
  • Explaining Christian Doctrines: Addressing common misconceptions by explaining foundational Christian doctrines, such as the Trinity and the crucifixion of Christ, crucial for those unfamiliar with Christianity.

Building Bridges through Language:

  • Language Courses: Offering language courses in Kurdish and English, promoting understanding and communication among diverse communities.
  • Distribution of Bibles: Providing Bibles in the three main Kurdish dialects (Sourani, Kermangi, and Bahdini), allowing individuals to engage with the Word in their native language.
  • Christian Publications and Films: Distributing Christian publications and presenting films in Kurdish, making the Gospel accessible through various mediums.

Meeting Crucial Needs:

  • Permanent Church Building: Expressing the need for a dedicated space for church services, community meetings, and administrative matters.
  • Transportation Solutions: Seeking a van to facilitate transportation for those without cars, ensuring accessibility to ministry meetings.
  • Volunteer Team: Inviting individuals to join a volunteer team, fostering deeper connections within the Kurdish community and addressing their unique needs.