Our Services

we provide high quality services
Our Services

We help promote self-growth by providing educational materials.

  1. Citizenship Class
  2. English Language Class
  3. Kurdish Language Class
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Application Filling
We help people fill out various governmental applications.
  1. FAFSA
  2. Cash Aid
  3. Medical & Welfare
  4. Change of Address
  5. Housing: Section 8
  6. Visa and airline tickets
  7. Food Stamp (Cal Fresh)
Sunday Worship Service
Join us with a lot of songs, joy, and praise with our SUNDAY worship.
  1. Songs
  2. Prayers
  3. Sermons
  4. Dinner Service
  5. Service in the Arabic Language
  6. Service in the English Language
  7. Service in the Kurdish Language
We established the Kurdish Christian Church in 2018 driven by a shared passion to create a spiritual haven and foster community among the Kurdish diaspora in San Diego County.
Our Mission
Is to offering Spiritual Excellence and Community Enrichment

Spread the message of salvation and reflect the image of Jesus Christ by establishing a spiritual home for Kurdish Christians and reaching out to Kurds through evangelism and services.


Fulfill the command to preach the gospel globally, aiming to be faithful witnesses, establish a church home, and extend the message of salvation to Kurds in various languages and media.


Provide community services (language classes, citizenship assistance), build relationships through home visits and cultural events, and offer spiritual services like worship and discipleship.


Offer language classes, provide practical assistance to refugees, conduct worship services, and use social media platforms for community outreach and education.

Question that explores the Kurdish Christian Church: Vision, Outreach, and Impact!

The church employs a multifaceted approach, including community services like language classes and citizenship assistance, forming personal relationships through home visits and cultural engagement, and providing spiritual services such as worship, discipleship, and distribution of Christian publications.

The church recognizes the unique challenges in ministering to Muslim Kurds and has initiated efforts such as exposing teachings hindering acceptance of Christ, clarifying important doctrines, and addressing misconceptions about the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity.

The church envisions fulfilling the global mandate of preaching the gospel, establishing a church home for Kurdish Christians, and extending the message of salvation to Kurds across the U.S. and the world. This includes creating a supportive community, utilizing various languages, and employing media platforms for outreach.

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