Donation Plans

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Empower change with your impactful donation. Make a difference today.

Your donation powers our mission: build a church home, offer community services, and spread the message of salvation. Help us bridge cultural gaps, empower Kurdish Christians, and create a welcoming, diverse community. Support our outreach, language courses, and vital programs. Together, let’s make a lasting impact and foster spiritual growth.

Unleashing Hope, One Donation at a Time.
Join Us in Transforming Lives Through Your Generosity
Your generous contributions, whether in the form of financial support or donated materials, play a crucial role in transforming lives. From providing essential services to fostering a sense of community, your involvement impacts real people with real needs. Join us in this journey of compassion and empowerment. Together, we create a brighter future.
Wondering Where Your Contribution Goes? Here is a simple list where your contribution effect takes. place.
  • Church Home Establishment
  • Community Outreach
  • Transportation Services
  • Language Courses
  • Discipleship Programs
Among Our Works
Bridging Hearts, Sharing Joy Event
Volunteers from our church orchestrated "Bridging Hearts, Sharing Joy," a heartfelt event where we engaged with Muslim families. Together, we built bridges of communication, shared meals, and created joyful memories, fostering unity and understanding.
Fostering Unity Through Shared Moments
In a beautiful initiative named "Bridging Hearts, Sharing Joy," our church connected with Kurdish and Afghanistan families. Through games, delicious food, and genuine conversations, we aimed to spread love, laughter, and the teachings of Jesus.
Spreading Love and Laughter Across Communities
At the heartwarming event "Bridging Hearts, Sharing Joy," our church extended hands of friendship to Muslim families. With volunteers capturing moments of joy, we aimed to create lasting bonds and promote peace through genuine connections.
Creating Lasting Bonds of Friendship
Donation Plans
To Keep
Helping Hand


  • 1 Meal for the homeless.
  • Helps to provide essentials.
To Reach


  • Helps run services.
  • Helps to provide essentials.
  • Help individual cases.
  • Contribute to emergency funds.
To Fulfil


  • Expand services
  • Expand outreach.
  • Supports a family.
  • Helps run services.
  • Help individual cases.
  • Helps to provide essentials.
  • Contribute to emergency funds.